Sunset Beach State Park

Sunset Beach and Campgrounds is located on Cape Arago Highway south of Coos Bay and is one of the first beaches you will see while visiting the area. It surely earned it's name as one of the most beautiful spots to watch a sunset along the coast. Quite a number of my sunset photos were taken very close to this area. Should you continue south past the beach you will reach Shore Acres and the Cape Agaro State Parks and you will also pass by Simpson Reef.

Sunset beach itself is cove-like with rather high cliffs on the north and south sides. It is a very common friend of many shorebirds including seagulls and wrens. During high tide the waves can kick up quite a storm, while at low tide you can carefully venture out on the rocks a bit and see some beautiful tidepools. Just be very careful venturing out during the low tide or you may find yourself stranded, or worse. I've even see whales from this beach using a good pair on binoculars although there are much better viewing sites well with-in the immediate beach area. Picnic tables a dotted along the beach and well as benches, a bathroom and a viewing area. These are just a very few photographs of sunset beach to give you an idea of the areas full beauty.

P7160001.JPG P7160003.JPG P7160004.JPG
PB050020.jpg PB050021.jpg PB050028.jpg

The park as you can see in the photos below is quite beautiful and for most of the day is well protected from the sun by the many beautiful trees which can be found in the area. The park offers a covered area for parties and events, there are basketball and volleyball courts along with a bathroom, a small wooden bridge which passes over a rather small but very scenic stream.

PB050034.jpg PB050043.jpg PB050044.jpg
PB050051.jpg PB050052.jpg PB050053.jpg
PB050054.jpg PB050057.jpg PB050058.jpg

As you enter the park there is a plaque dedicated to Malcom Forbes - the multi-millionaire. He made the first transcontinental balloon flight leaving Sunset Bay in Oct 73 and landed almost a month later close to Newport News, Virginia.